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It is to be clearly understood that upon calling upon, ESCORTS,(herein referred to as a "Referral Service", is not the employer of the escorts shown/represented on our website. They are "Independent Contractors". They are not employees; nor agents of the referral service. They are working individuals; and are a separate entity from the referral service that promotes/represent them.

*The service is acting as introductory body only.

*The service requests that any individual or other that contacts or uses the services of this establishment shall recognize that all rights of recourse against the service shall be waived and shall indemnify and hold from and against any loss or liability (including legal expenses) arising out of any claim regardless of the cause or reason and even if caused by negligence of the service/ or its "independent contractors"; agents; servants.

*The service offers discretion and reliability to their customers. No data involved in the booking process shall be forwarded to be filed, electronically stored, or used in any other way except for purpose of arranging the ever is requested.


If you call to schedule an appointment, please have the following info ready:

1. Your full name. 2. The companions name. 3. Your phone number/hotel number and 4. time slot and location or whereabouts of the appointment if known.


Our fees are non-negotiable. Please respect our rates. The quality of the escorts we represent coincide with the rates charged. The escort shall be paid upon arrival and money should never be discussed with her. Or she will leave . Tips are not required. However, if you are so inclined, you may provide a gratuity.

*Terms of Payment:


*Special arrangements:

Please call our services number for all details; specifics. We want to make your booking as pleasant as can be.

*Our escorts are friendly and intelligent.

*The money exchanged is for Time and Companionship only.

*After the appointment is made, the service accepts no liability in what may or may not happen. The referral service promotes and represents the escorts (Independent Contractor) and gets paid a "referral fee" for its services, nothing more, nothing less.

* All the escorts the service hereby represents are of guaranteed legal age. The state legal law here is that the escort must be of at least 18 years old. Most of the escorts we represent you will find to be 21 years or older.

* All escorts are carefully screened and selected as you will soon see.